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Through out this site, and our Blog Caly's Corral, you have seen links and Mentions of the Database, or Registry, Including that Round Green Button to the Right. We Invite you to Browse the Site for FREE - Please Try The Features   

Does Your Horse Have a Lip Tattoo?

Your Horse May Be Listed in our EquineIDs Database now. You are welcome check for free any time,
Click Here Now and enter the Tattoo number.If you do not have a Tattoo Number or Partial Number, You could try the horse's Breed or Color Registration Number.
Since we launched flipMYlip horses are added daily, be sure to check back.
100% Free and No Obligations
This site was created in its entirety by Chuck Blier. A truly gifted man.  It is a trick to explain the intricacies of this site without revealing patent codes.  But, I can say that my first inside tour of it and  its behind the scenes functions left me in awe.  Not easily done.  
Please visit this site.  It is 100% Free to Browse the site and its primary functions. There is no obligations, tracking, or purchases required.  We Invite you to Enter the site and Browse through it.  While there you will see that it was built with you the User in mind.  

Chuck, with Helmi's ever present assistance,  Kept it Short, Simple, Easy to Use. Once you have Browsed, have asked any questions we may have over looked, you can Register to Use the Site.  That also is Free.  If by chance you have a number from a horse tattoo, Brand or maybe even an Association Registration Number, you can search the database for that number.   Chuck was clever enough to engineer the search features to even look for a partial number! Remember - the database only contains what you, The User, chose to enter.

EquineIDs Database (db) will show you a listing of any animal currently Registered with us that has the number you are researching or portion of.  We can not guarantee what Horses are registered.  But we will provide a list of equines with their pictures, if they were submitted, enough information to validate if the Number or Horse you are looking for is Registered with us.
And, If that number or horse is shown in the results of the search, then you will be asked to Register to Proceed.  Also, you will be given the opportunity to purchase that complete record(s).  Since we have implemented mobile technology you can research horses and ID Numbers from any where there is an Internet Connection.
It was important to us to provide Mobile Technology to aid Shelters, Rescues and others to Identify recovered or found Equines Anywhere - at Auctions Houses, Kill Pens, the side of road, common abandonment sites.  In the event of Disaster  or Evacuation, Rescues and found Animals are generally not in a commonly known facility, but placed in Emergency Homes, Foster Homes.  The owners need to be notified where to pick up their animal.  The ID Number will tell YOU how to find the Owners.

The Equine will Always have the latest contact information attached. We Give the Horse a Voice.  The Owner or Register Gives the horse the information by maintaining the Horse's Profile / Details record.

All of our transactions are processed through PayPal (tm) and are 100% confidential.  

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