Caly's Corral

Meet the Inspiration behind Helmi's Vision - Caly Whoa! -  and the journey that brought us all to this point today.

Why I myself so strongly advocate for flipMYlip and EquineIDs.   The horses that can be saved from needless slaughters, returned to proper owners, to enable law enforcement and Rescues to perform their jobs, shop for a horse and KNOW where it came from, who trained it, what little quirks or fears live within the animal.

This Service is State of the Art crossing Barriers of Breed Associations, Clubs, Organizations, Color Associations and More. While they are Very much needed in the Equine Industry their job is to track your Equine for Quality Control Purposes - Maintain Pure Blood Lines and Promote Futurities.

flipMYlip and EquineIDs purpose is to Give EVERY Equine a level chance of having a GREAT life, even if separated from the Humans that love them most.  To Help them find a Home Or their-way home when necessary - To give Every Equine a Voice to say:

  • My Name is_____________________, I have been known as__________
  • i  am a _____________________________________________________
  • I know you can't see it but I am registered or I am microchipped _________
  • I won many ribbons in 4H Shows
  • I miss my family - Can You Call them for Me? There email is____________
  • Or Can I come to live with you? This is what I can do for you ___________
And they carry that information permanently.  As Their Human you decide what to say for them - Maybe how to reach you if that horse needs a home.

Any Equine! Horse, Pony, Donky, Mule, Zebras!  All are Welcome!

Stay Connected and Protect Your Horse!!             

for more info on how you can help save horses, meet Caly's friends, please visit our blog...