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The Marriage of Time Proven Techniques and State of the Art Technology
You are probably asking “okay, they want me to add my horse to a registry of some kind, and by doing this they say they can attach the information to my horse?  Permanently Connecting Us?  Why? HOW? And what’s more You are going to Protect My Account and Equine for its life for only $25.00?  How?”
A big topic flowing heavily in the Equine Industry is Identification Practices.  And for good reason, you need to know that any paper(s) issued by any registry, a document, or a certificate, or in other words, a piece of paper is not a sufficient form of identification today. Nor are they Reliable, Alone.  We at flipMYlip  belong to, and support many Associations. They are important, some are a great benefit to horses and their owners. Documents can be altered or misplaced, and separated from the animal.  This is a common everyday occurrence, folks generally loose their registrations, association cards, medical records, and Bills of Sale. This can have ugly consequences.
Combinations of Permanent and Visible Identifiers, added to documentation (Registration papers, Coggin’s Tests, Bills of Sale, Pre-Purchase Exams) and a series of clear photos that capture the Equine’s entire body, head and neck, Any markings, such as patch of different colored hair on the under belly, and technical devices, is needed today .Lock of hair, or hoof trimmings for DNA tests can help if the horse was DNA tested and if horse is not in your possession.
Today Professionals, Leading Authorities, Veterinarians, Equine Specialists, Appraisers and Insurers are very strongly recommending that everyone utilizes a minimum of 2 preferably more methods of Identification to protect their horses.  Insurance providers require a minimum of 2. Normally, (1) MUST be visible. Everyone has their preferences, and advice. For some of us the choices have already been made. Such as a Jockey Club Lip Tattoo, or a Breeding Ranch Fire Brand Logo.

If your horse is tattooed or branded, that's Great!   Now what? It can’t end there, can it?  It has.  For some there are different Services or Independent, maybe Breed or Club Specific Databanks you can list your horse in, in case of theft.  Though for most of us it has ended right there.  The animal is Identified and nothing more. That renders the Identifiers, and your investments in those Identifiers as useless.  flipMYlip provides tools, identification codes, record Maintenance, referrals to Professional Services you may need and protection. 
We Partner with Veterinarians, Rescues and Shelters Nationally, AND are very Proud to Partner, Support and Promote, organizations that share our beliefs and implement our Mission Statement. If your Vet, local Shelter, or Club are not listed with us, Please ask them to Contact Us so we can Help too!
flipMYlip is a powerful tool that works to support and enhance all Identification options when utilized correctly.  For example, the tattoo on your Never Raced Thoroughbred Gelding Is Now Of VALUE.  Before Registering with flipMYlip it simply said I am a Thoroughbred. Now his current Lip Tattoo Says I am a Thoroughbred, And I am loved, I have a Home and History!  What do you want to know about me?  
Manage, Identify and Protect. Permanently. That is a Powerful statement and we will explain how it is possible for us to make and honor this claim.
The 1st step is Identification.  You have to properly Identify your Equine.  1-2 Visible Identifiers, combined with Documents or Non-Visible Identifiers.  Brand or Tattoo your Equine.
2nd Step is to Manage your Equine with a Secure Private Registry that will enable you to track every detail concerning this Equine’s, it’s daily life if you wish, or in the event of an Emergency, If your Horse(s) needs to it can track YOU.  Perhaps, Nostalgia comes to visit and you wonder “Where is that Equine I fostered today?”
3rd Step, Protection – Regularly update your Personal Profile and/or Contact Info, and we will do the rest.  We provide State of the Art multi-faceted Secure Technology that protects your identity, yet able to share that information in a moment’s notice.  Globally. You can activate Law Enforcement or your Microchip, or Iris Scanner Providers immediately, as we send out Electronic Messaging to all Our Supporters, Our Followers, Rescues and Organizations, The equine networks in general, that have the physical ability to be to locate your Equine.  Because you have properly Identified your Equine there will be no questions to its Identity when it is recovered.  You will always have access to your profiles for the life of the Equine.

Never before has it been so necessary to place an Identification Number on your Equine.  It is as important as your Vehicle Identification Number, OnStar, and Lo-Jack.  flipMYlip is designed to provide the same level of protection to your Equine(s), when used properly

By now you can see that in the event of any possible positive or negative situation, you or your Equine could experience, having your Equine properly Managed, Identified and Registered. Will make the Difference in the outcome.
You begin by Choosing your method of Identification.  The many forms of Visible Equine Identifiers include but are not limited to:
·      Ear Tattoos, or Cutting, Notching
·      Fire branding or Hot Brands
·      Microchips of RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identifiers)
·      Iris Scanning
·      DNA
·      Freeze Branding
·      Lip Tattoos
·      Banding – the use of Tyvek, or Unbreakable Plastic Ankle Straps
·      Hoof Branding

Hoof Brand Picture supplied by Equibrand of  Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom 

 All other Photos and Line Drawings are Graciously supplied by Wiki Organization
Electric Fire Branding

One of the time proven techniques is Fire or Hot Branding, has its origins in Egyptian, and then the Roman times.  Their intent was not so much to claim possession, or say this animal belong to me, their idea of branding was to Safe Guard the animal from Evil Spirits, and Harm. To Protect it, and enable the Gods to “See” the animal in the spirit World.

Today, thousands of years later, we civilized man, are still using the ancient practice of branding to “Protect and Identify” our animals.  When something is used that long it is because it Works.  Though now we generally Freeze Brand, which is virtually pain free..  Freeze branding works by “burning” Hair Follicles – not the hide – Fire Branding does burn and scar the hide, itself.  Pain is involved.  The Brand is Dark and permanent.

Freeze Brands begin to producing White hair within 3 weeks, and the life of the animal.  It has been refined to the point that a small strip of 2 inches high by 7 inches long is more than adequate for the branding area, though the brand is smaller.

Even though BLM Freeze Brands all their stock, OUR American Mustangs, Donkeys and Mules and Wild Horses that are culled from free herds and placed into the Adoption Programs.

The days of living a working ranch riding, roping, throwing the animal down, tying them up and Fire Branding is a dying part of our Western Cowboy Culture and Heritage.

flipMYlip advocates for Freeze Branding as ONE method of Visible Permanent Identification.
Today prominent Breed Associations require their Registers to be branded or tattooed prior to, or upon registration.  AQHA, uses Tattoos, Brands, and now DNA for Artificial .Inseminations or embryo transfer foals.  Arabians have Freeze Brands under their manes, Standardbreds have officially elected to Freeze Brand.

And those amazing Warm bloods, such as Hanoverians, The third group of Equines that we can watch on television[i], performing The Arts of Dressage?  Certain Registries require a Breed Brand on their horses.  A select few AWARD the Breed Seal , Coat of Arms, once the Equine meets specific criteria and achievements. These are highly prized coveted awards.

These are good choices, especially used with 1 or 2 others.  Research has shown that a minimum of 1 visible Identifier is the best choice, backed up with 1 or 2 others Identifiers.

Microchips are a really good Identification choice too, as are Iris Scanners.  In a serious Identification situation IF you have possession of the Equine you could substantiate, or get final confirmation that the animal is truly who you or the Number or Brand says.  Microchips are NON-Visible Identifiers.  Also called RFIds, Radio 
Frequency Identifiers.  There are 3 categories of Microchips and a total of 140 different models. The different models require different scann.

The down falls are the owner must maintain the chip, it’s status transmission and all microchip data.  There is no central databank for the 140 types on the market, and most people do not have a chip scanner in their pocket.  Scanners can cost several hundreds of dollars.  Most Important is the is no Visible signs to know that animal is chipped.  I was told by layman that there are some Rescue Representatives at Auction Houses and Kill Pens with chip readers/scanners.  But not all of them. And they are not required to be by law.  The scanner they have may not read your chip.

flipMYlip  also advocates for Lip Tattoos, another method of Visible Permanent Identification.

The Jockey Club began using this method in 1928.  It is now used the world over by the Racing Industry and Breed Associations.  Horse Racing is an extraordinarily Large Enterprise.  If there was a better technique, and better method they would certainly be using it.  They set the standards in Lip Tattoos and Equine Identification and it is the simply PERFECT.  Yes, they are moving into Iris Scanning which supersedes Finger Printing, but it is simply a matter of expedited convenience.  The Scanner can identify a horse as it enters the race. A human does not have to check the tattoo or process it, validate it. Eliminating jobs, increasing profits, again.

These are Freeze Brands and Codes Used for Breeds and Australian Race Horses
As an analogy by tattooing your horse or freeze branding you have in a sense placed a VIN number on that animal.  Vehicle Identification Number.  Anyone, at any place can visually see the brand or FLIP THE LIP to read a Tattoo number – and then use our “Look Up A Number” Feature..  With  flipMYlip you can use a mobile device and have your information within minutes.  This State of the Art Registry is designed to deliver all current data instantly, via the Internet..  This can save a life of your horse, mistakenly standing in a kill pen.  Or Identify it if missing for any reason.

The Good News is Now There is a Central Databank for all pre-existing Identifiers, Microchips, Tattoos or brands. flipMYlip allows for all pre-existing information, or identifiers to be entered into our database.  We hope that you do in fact.  The more information you provide the easier it will be to for your horse to find you should it ever need to.

If you do not have a Tattoo or Visible Identifier We can help. You can purchase a Unique Number using our “Buy A Number”, that is to be either Tattooed or Branded on to your horse. This Identifier, coupled with the description and pictures we ask you to provide connect your Equine to its own profile enabling it to be Searched for in our “Look Up A Number” Feature, readily identified in the search results you are provided.  Again, your Equine’s personal Identifying Number is issued when you enter an equine.  If your Equine has no tattoos or NUMERICAL, Please tattoo or brand this number on your Immediately.

It is here again that I would like to stress that by entering your animal into our system the data will remain attached to him or her forever.  The Animal has a Voice to Contact You, to find you.  As long as your contact information is accurate.  Please use our “Enter A Horse’s Number”  Feature   Complete the Profile, Add up to 6 pictures.  Though you are able to enter any data you feel you need for Equine Management, we stress a Detailed Description is the best thing you can do for your Equine and Yourself, anyone who will need to access to it.   You can edit both your Equine and your personal information at any time. And will always be able to.  

Here are 3 examples of a Properly Identified, Managed, Protected Equine. 
Example would be to use our “Buy A Number”, feature. Tattoo the Number on its Lip, Enter the Number   Your account my look like this: A flipMYlip  Registered Lip Tattoo, Microchip, Breed Registry Number all listed in the management area of the database; along with a collection of photos. We allow for 6 with your entrant.
Another example is a flipMYlip Registered Freeze Brand of lip tattoo, your most recent Coggin’s test Number, and perhaps a Bill of Sale, Receipt of Vet Applying the Freeze Brand.  A detailed description and  clear photos.  We love Grade Horses too!  Equine’s do not need to be Registered in any manner to be entered into flipMYlip.
Example: Your Horse has a PRE-EXISITING Numerical or Breed Tattoo.  You will purchase a Unique Number using our “Buy A Number”, feature.  And enter your Equine’s pre-Existing Number as it’s Visible Identifier.  The Unique Number you have Purchased is your Account, or Customer Number.  In this case you will not Tattoo or Brand the new number on to your Equine.

The Chart below shows choices in Identifiers.  Clearly flipMYlip.  advocates for Lip Tattoos and Freeze Brands, because over time they have proven to work, they are permanent and most importantly Visible
Identifier Method
Breed Use
Ease of Use
Pain Level
Ear Tattoos or Notching
Rarely used today
Mild -moderate
Hoof Branding
New – Farrier Only
Iris Scanner
Professionals - costs
Yes - New
You can VET should
Very Mild
Lip Tattoos
If you can use a twitch
But recommend Vet
You or Vet
Very Mild if
Freeze brands
Vet or Professional
Vet or You
Tagging or Bands
You -
Fire Brands
On Large Cattle Ranches or Special Breeds
Mod -extreme
Vet and Laboratory

Lip Tattoos can fade over time – a long time, but they can be reapplied too.
When reviewing this chart Only Lip Tattoos and Freeze Brands have YES across the board.

[i]   There are several cable or satellite stations dedicated to Equines today. Individual programs having a particular focus.  To Summarize, we see 3 categories, #1. Horse Racing,-live and pre-recorded Race tracks and types  from around the world #2. Educational & Training, All Disciplines, Trainers, Associations, FAA, 4H, BLM #3. Exhibition or Competitions such as Rodeos, Show Jumping, Ranch All Around, Roping, Olympics, Dressage Events.