Helmi's Vision

The Elusive Helmi Bishop


Helmi Bishop – Visionary/Owner

Helmi,  a Problem Solver by Nature, has given the Equine Industry, Horses and their Owners the most exciting opportunity to Protect the Futures of All Equines, by giving Equines their own Voice. flipMYLip was physically created over the last year, but something Helmi has been nurturing her entire adult life.

Caly Meets the Lake Water

Not long ago she watched over a beloved Red Pony she had rehabbed for over 3 years, join her new forever family.  Joy and Apprehension washed over her.  She knew that this was the "Right" home for the pony, it was past experiences that brought the uneasiness. Helmi's concerns as to what may go wrong – and where that pony may end up,  came from years of experiencing horses like Caly, the Red Pony, not meet the expectations of a new family, or survive some other crisis.

Helmi was beside herself as the memories washed over her, all those stories we have all heard..  But,  this time, this time was different.  She found a way to CONNECT to that Red Pony  - No Matter What Happened from that day forward.

 If someone, anyone,  knew to Flip Her Lip, Caly she could say she had a home waiting for her. And a way to contact the people who loved her.

flipmylip.com and EquineIDs is dedicated to bringing this ability to Every Horse and Every Horse Owner,  1 at a time.